1. Respect punctuality – concentrate on timely arrival to school.
2. Wear the prescribed uniform to school – both in summer and in winter.
3. Avoid bunking from school and from classes.
4. Respect school property.
5. Behaviour in the school bus should be exemplary.
6. Avoid the use of abusive language.
7. Parents should check their child’s school bag. Please send only what is required for the day. 8. Cash carried by the students to school should be monitored.
9. Cheating in exams is strictly prohibited.
10. Mobile phones are allowed to only those who have taken prior permission from the Principal. A mobile once confiscated will only be given back when the student leaves school i.e. after the 12th standard board exams.
11. For leave – a letter to the Class Teacher is required if it is for one day, for 3 days – a letter to the Headmaster/Headmistress and for longer leave – a letter should be given to the Principal. If long leave is taken without permission, the student’s name will be struck off the rolls. Seventy five percent attendances in school is a must.
12. All cases relating to discipline will be handled by the Discipline Committee and followed up by the Counsellor.

For any further help the counselling department will be at your service.

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