How to evolve enlightened human beings was the concern of our President Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam during his recent interaction with a saint. After having read this article in a newspaper, I pondered over the resolve of my Gurudev, Param Saint Yaspal Ji Maharaj in this regard, who used to say that the Saint Bnjmohan Lal School should be developed in a different way from the modern public schools. He stressed on the need of selfless service of society and all round development of the personality of children. His life is itself a fine example of selfless love and service to the humanity. He sacrificed all comforts of life to spread the divine message of his Satgurudev Param, Saint Mahatma Brijmohan Lal Ji Maharaj amongst the spiritual aspirants. He founded this school with the sole aim of imparting quality education in such a manner that a foundation for all round development of children is laid and they emerge as responsible citizens.


We have a team of well qualified, dedicated and hard working, result-oriented teachers for whom ‘Work is Worship’. We believe in providing an atmosphere in our school, which is highly conducive for an excellent learning and development of various skills as per the aptitude of students. There is an emphasis on development of divine qualities in our students’ viz. humility, compassion, generosity, fearlessness, selfless service, patriotism, hardwork with determination, respect for elders and love for fellow beings.

In addition to this, basic spiritual education is also imparted so that children grow up as enlightened human beings and serve their society and nation in a fruitful manner.

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